A UNC Greensboro School of Nursing doctoral student getting hooded at graduation.

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PhD Program: (336) 334-3167 [Deadline for PhD Application June 15]
DNP/Post BSN/AGNP Program: (336) 553-6055 [Deadline for DNP Application July 15]
DNP Anesthesia Program: (336) 553-6055 [Deadline for DNP Anesthesia Application September 1]
DNP Post-MSN Program: (336) 553-6055 [Deadline for DNP Post MSN Program Application July 15 with rolling admissions]
Master’s Program: (336) 334-3167 [Deadline for Master’s Application April 15 (priority) and June 15 (final)]

Need financial support to earn your PhD or DNP?  Are you interested in becoming a nurse educator? Learn about our Nurse Faculty Loan Program.