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BSN as Second Degree

While UNC Greensboro School of Nursing does not offer an accelerated BSN for second degree students, the program can be completed in two years (one summer and 4 semesters). General education credits (GEC) are waived for second degree students from accredited institutions.

Program Information

2018-2019 BSN Information Sheet for 2nd Degree Seeking Students

Prerequisites for Upper Level Required Nursing Courses

Four courses (minimum) are prerequisites and part of the admission criteria for the upper level clinical nursing courses. They are BIO 271 (Anatomy), BIO 277 (Physiology), BIO 280 (Microbiology), and STA 108 (Statistics). Additional information regarding these requirements is noted below.

BIO 271 (Anatomy)*C or betterBIO 111 (Principles of Biology I)
BIO 277 (Physiology)*C or betterBIO 111 and High School Chemistry
BIO 280 (Microbiology)C or betterBIO 271 or 277
STA 108 (Statistics)C or better

*KIN 291 and 291L and KIN 292 and 292L accepted

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Summer SessionBIO 111 (pre-requisite to BIO 271 & 277)4
Fall SemesterBIO 271 and 271L*4
BIO 277 and 277L*4
Spring SemesterBIO 280 and 280L4
STA 1083

*KIN 291 and 291L and KIN 292 and 292L accepted

For information about prerequisites for BIO 271, 277, 280, please refer to the current UNCG Bulletin.

Upper Division Major – Requires formal admission to enroll in any of the required nursing courses listed below.

Summer SessionNUR 2103
NUR 220 & Lab3
Fall SemesterNUR 310 & Clinical5
NUR 320 & Clinical5
NUR 3554
NUR 380 & Lab2
Spring SemesterNUR 340 & Clinical4
NUR 360 & Clinical4
NUR 3651
NUR 3752
NUR 3851
Fall SemesterNUR 4105
NUR 420 & Clinical5
NUR 4503
NUR 365 (if not taken jr year)1
Spring SemesterNUR 430 & Clinical5
NUR 4153
NUR 440 (Clinical)4
NUR 4902

*KIN 291 and 291L and KIN 292 and 292L accepted


  • Members of the faculty encourage students to work as CNAs during the summer between junior and senior years.
  • Contact hours for each of the upper division semesters is normally 35-40 hours per week.
  • To meet the University’s requirement for full-time status students must take 12 semester hours.

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