SON PIN Blue-Gold Horiz

April 7 & 8, 2017 | 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Honoring our Past and Celebrating our Future

We hope that all who attended had an enjoyable time. The memories that were made will last a lifetime!

Read the School of Nursing 50th Anniversary Magazine here

Tell us your favorite memory of your School of Nursing education:

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Special Thanks to our many volunteers of Alumni, Community Members, Faculty,
Staff and Students who served on numerous planning committees to make this 5 Anniversary Celebration enjoyable and memorable. Committees included: Steeri Commemoration & History; Program & Education; Marketing & Communication; Logistics; Decoration & Catering; Sponsorship

Mary Jo Abernethy, Linda Anderson, Sue Beeson, Jennifer Boggs, Gay Bowman, Latoya (Lowery) Brown, Sheila Bryson-Eckroade, Tamara Caple, Cindy Carrington, Jennifer Catoe, Pat Chamings, Alisha Cornell, Nancy Courts, Susan Creed, Margaret Dick, Jacqueline Debrew, Terri Felder, LaVonne Fisher, Gilda Friedman, Chris Goettsch, Phyllis Griffin, Mike Harris, Kelly Hedgecock, Janet Hendley, Lori Hubbard, Yolanda Hyde, Jeanne Jenkins, Martin Kane, Melissa Kelley, Mona Ketner, David Kinsey,Cathy Kluttz-Hile, Eileen Kohlenberg, Daria Kring, Mary Landers, Erin Lawrimore, Jayne Lutz, Laurie Kennedy-Malone, Jeanie McDowell, MaryK McGinley, Linda Newton, Annette Osborne, Bobbi Osguthorpe, Roxanne Pecinich, Karen Pentek, Micqui Reed, Robin Remsburg, Denise Rhew, Jennie Rikkola, Rachel Rolleri, Gretchen Sanders, Jennifer Sandoval, Laura Scales, Elaine Scott, Jeff Shafer, Kathelene Smith, Cheryl Somers, Deb Stanford, Cathy Sykes, Joanie Thomasson-Waters, Alma Thompson, Mark Unrue, Elizabeth Van Horn, Lois VonCannon, Bruce Vosefski, Jana Wagenseller, Debra Wallace, Kathy Weeks, Toyie Winton, Dawn Wyrick


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