Veterans Access Program

From Boots To Books

The UNCG School of Nursing launched the Veterans Access Program (VAP) for Nurses in 2015. The program, currently supported in part by a HRSA grant, provides medically trained veterans access and specialized support in an innovative educational program to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and be employed in the high demand field of nursing. Individualized plans of study allow some Veteran students the ability to accelerate through the program. The faculty have received specialized training with materials from the Bob Woodruff Foundation and From Soldier to Student II (McBain, et al. 2012) to support student success.

VAP students

Eleven nursing students who are active-duty military service members were recognized for volunteering at UNCG’s coronavirus vaccine clinic. Read more here.

Program Information

Who can apply?

  • Armed Forces Veterans from any branch, including past service in the Reserves or National Guard who have military health experience or training are encouraged to apply.
  • Persons who served as RNs, nursing assistants, medics, LPN/PNs, or other similar positions are eligible for the program.
  • Any applicant who has a Department of Defense designation as a Veteran on their DD-214 will be considered a Veteran by the VAP.
  • Persons who have been dishonorably discharged are not eligible.

For information on how to apply and to learn about the financial assistance available: click here.  

What type of support will the program provide?

UNCG currently provides veterans with counseling, academic skills, library, computer and study rooms, a Student Veterans Association, and a UNCG VA Certifying Official. In addition, VAP students will have access to:

  • Individualized consideration for application, clinical placement, and post-graduation hiring
  • Learning Communities to provide group support upon reentering school and moving forward in the nursing program
  • A VAP Study Room and a part-time counselor to support students
  • A tutor to assist with computer skills, study habits, nursing content, and RN licensure (NCLEX) test-taking skills
  • Assistance preparing for the RN licensure NCLEX examination
  • The UNCG Student Veterans Association, which holds social gatherings, assists students’ understanding of how to succeed in college, and shares information on campus services for veterans
  • UNCG Veteran’s Ally program, which provides faculty mentor support
  • Information and campus sessions for family members to learn about services they may access and discuss how the VAP program will impact schedules, finances, employment, and roles.

How will the program help me move from military health care to civilian health care?

VAP Students will take a Transition to Civilian Nursing course that will assist them in understanding differences in military protocol, chain of command, delivery of care and job descriptions. Two nursing instructors who are veterans will teach the course. Special advisors will assist students in the transition.

How will the program help me get a job after graduation?

Students will receive assistance in how to fill out job applications for hospitals and other facilities, how to write resumes and how to interview for nursing jobs. Cone Health will hold sessions with nurse managers, human resources and nurse recruiters to help graduates understand what positions are available and how to apply either by paper or internet.

What if I am deployed during the program?

UNCG allows withdrawal from courses without academic penalty in cases of deployment. Further, the UNC system has a liberal policy of transfer credit between campuses, and if persons are deployed to domestic installations, UNC system credit is available in many parts of the state. Transfer credit from other universities will be reviewed in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the UNCG VA Certifying Official, and the Dean of the School of Nursing. It is possible that courses may be delivered through electronic mechanisms. See the UNCG Military Call-Up Policy for additional information.



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