Our Mission

At the UNCG School of Nursing, we are taking giant steps anchored by transformation and focused on:

  • Inclusive Communities
  • Passionate People
  • Innovative Practices
  • Extraordinary Outcomes

Our Strategic Vision

Transforming the Future of Nursing: Inclusive Communities, Passionate People, Innovative Practices, Extraordinary Outcomes

Our Operating Principles

We have G.R.I.T.

  • G—Good intentions and will
  • R—Respect
  • I—Inspire
  • T—Teamwork

Our Commitment to Inclusive Excellence, Student Success, and Human Thriving

The UNCG School of Nursing (SON) is committed to inclusive excellence, belonging, and civility in our learning environment. We fully commit to the work of promoting excellence and innovation in all that we do. It is our expectation that every member of our SON community, whether inside or outside the classroom, will uphold a standard of civility and respect for others. The SON supports students, faculty, and staff from many and various backgrounds and those with diverse perspectives and learning styles and needs. We value the experiences and contributions that differences bring to the classroom and to our community. 

The SON strives to create a community of belonging and civility where all can thrive. We acknowledge the breadth of diversity that includes but is not limited to race, age, ethnicity, national origin, creed, socioeconomic class, geographical location, veteran status, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical ability, cognitive style, communication style, and political ideology. Each of these diverse identities formulate the perspectives that students, staff, and faculty bring to create our SON community and learning environment.  

In the SON, we vow to approach difference from the perspective of cultural humility and embrace its major principles, which includes a personal lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and growth and a commitment to care for and advocate for others. Further, we commit to a culture of care and embrace the concepts of renewal, resilience, and resourcefulness in our everyday interactions.