Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education (SCENE)

The School of Nursing Simulation Center for Experiential Nursing Education (SCENE) houses four simulation suites, one customized for adult medical-surgical/ICU, one for pediatric medical-surgical/ICU, one for community/home health, and one for labor-delivery/mother-baby. The SCENE houses a 16 bed hospital lab, five high-fidelity simulators (two adult simulators, one obstetric simulator, two infant simulators and one pediatric simulator). SCENE also features numerous low-fidelity simulators including various task trainers. Two debriefing rooms are available for reflective inquiry after each simulation scenario.

Tonya Rutherford-Hemming

Dr. Tonya Rutherford Hemming
Clinical Associate Professor
408 Moore Building
Phone: 336-334-4627