Program Requirements

  • Minimum of 51 credits for PhD program in Nursing.
  • A minor is optional.
  • Grades in all courses must be a B (3.0) or better to be applied to program.
  • Master’s degree in nursing from a school accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency.
  • Residence requirement of two consecutive semesters of at least six credits per semester.
  • Oral and Preliminary exams are required after three-fourths of course work.
  • Documentation of CPR certification, current liability insurance coverage as specified by the School of Nursing, and a criminal background check prior to enrollment in practicum or research experiences in education or health care agencies.
  • Seven-year time limit for completion of PhD nursing program.
  • CGFNS for international applicants.
  • It is possible to transfer courses, but this is dependent on a number of factors including level of course, type of course (nursing or non-nursing), grade achieved, and evaluation of the course content. The course must be completed within the 7 year time limit. All transfer courses must be reviewed by your Advisory Committee and the Director of the PhD in Nursing Program, and approved by the Graduate School.

Course Schedule

Students will take online classes, synchronously (at a specific time each week) and asynchronously (at a time they choose).

The plan of study options are full-time (9 semester hours per semester) and half-time (6 semester hours per semester). The half-time plan can be completed in four years. The more intense full-time plan can be completed in three years.

It is difficult to work and carry 9 hours of course work. It is possible to take fewer than 6 hours per semester, but it is difficult to complete the program within the limit of 7 years.

Program Schedule

The program begins in August. An orientation is scheduled in early to mid-August.