PhD Program

Program Goals

  • Increase the number of nurse scientists who will advance the discipline through scholarly inquiry
  • Produce leaders who will advance the nursing profession and promote optimal health for ethnic minorities, women, children, and older adults
  • Develop scholars who will meet the academic and health care industry needs for nursing in North Carolina and the nation

Program Overview

  • Theory, research methods, health promotion and outcomes, as well as directed studies for research and scholarly role development in academia, health care systems, industry, and other research settings
  • Research areas build on faculty expertise and programs that address health promotion and health disparities in access to care, treatment, and outcomes for selected populations.
  • Role development builds on successful master’s concentrations in nursing education, administration, and clinical practice.
  • Cognates and electives in areas such as Human Development and Family Studies, Economics, and Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations are required for depth and breadth of study as well as interdisciplinary perspectives with populations of interest in the community.

Robin Bartlett


Dr. Robin Bartlett
Director of PhD Program
Office: 101 McIver House
Telephone: 336-334-5180
Fax: 336-334-3223