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Do you know that 37% of a student’s college education at UNCG is covered by private contributions of alumni, constituents and friends of UNCG?

The number of participants counts to make an impact not only for our nursing school but for the entire university. Your annual gift of any size matters.

We all will eventually need a nurse’s care. Our students need you NOW.

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For the 2018-2019 academic year, annual gifts to the School of Nursing will provide support for bringing Interprofessional Education (IPE) to our nursing students. This innovative program helps nursing students master a variety of competencies through the use of technology, real world simulations and collaborative hands on learning. 

Alumni, you will be receiving an annual appeal solicitation from one of your fellow alums, a two degree UNCG nursing grad, now a faculty member – Cathy Sykes. Please join Cathy in helping future nurses by making a gift of any size to the School of Nursing.

And with your gift, we hope you will provide a bit of helpful advice. You are our best resource for new nurses because you were once there. Please share your advice on the back of your gift reply card or email to me at:

The text of our annual appeal letter to you from Cathy reads:

“Do you remember the first time you had to contact a medical provider about a deteriorating patient? I know I do. With better communication and understanding of the roles of each member of the health care team, we can facilitate our patients getting the best care possible. In healthcare, communication is key. Learning how to effectively communicate with doctors, social workers, pharmacists, physical therapists, EMTs and other medical professionals is like learning a whole host of new languages, and it can be overwhelming for a nurse fresh out of school. That’s why I’m excited to be a part of the team that is bringing Interprofessional Education (IPE) to the School of Nursing. This innovative program helps nurses master a variety of competencies through the use of technology, real-world simulations and collaborative, hands-on learning. At last year’s 50th anniversary celebration, many of you shared stories about practicing injections on oranges, or even on your own arms! Your resourcefulness and dedication are some of the ideals that we still hold dear today. While the fundamentals of nursing have changed very little, IPE can better prepare our nurses for that first day on their own and help them work toward our shared goal of the best patient care possible. As we further develop our IPE programs, we’ll give our nurses the chance to work with students from programs like Kinesiology, Professions in Deafness, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Social Work. We hope that in turn, those students will learn more about nurses, who are on the front lines of patient care every day. Ultimately, you and I became nurses because we wanted to help. We have a chance now to do just that. Will you join me in helping future nurses by making a gift of any size to the School of Nursing?”

Nurses are not only advocates for patients, but for their families as well. Today, nurses are guiding the efforts of care with educational advancements that are centered around the patient. As an extended member of the UNCG School of Nursing family, your support makes all the difference. Your contributions can lessen the financial obstacles standing between current students and their nursing aspirations, and ultimately, their desire to create a better world. Alumni participation is critical each year for the school of Nursing and for the university as a whole. Together, we can support our students and our vision, as we embark on the next 50 years of greatness.

Thank you in advance for your gift support and for the work that you do to keep our world healthy and safe. From all our students, faculty and staff- our very best to you.

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