“Find your way here” is a tagline for UNC Greensboro, and nowhere is that more appropriate than at the UNCG School of Nursing. Students in all our programs can find their way in our inclusive community, where diverse experiences, talents, learning styles, and backgrounds come together to prepare our students to provide the best nursing care for patients and their families. Scientists, educators, and dedicated professionals comprise our team of passionate people that make up our faculty and staff. Our School is a place to find your way to a meaningful and rewarding career. Innovative practices are the daily norm in our offices, active learning classrooms, online learning environments, skills labs, simulation labs, and clinical agencies with more than 700 community partners. All this leads to our extraordinary outcomes: student success in high licensure/certification pass rates, graduation rates, employment success, and faculty/staff success in publications, presentations, and innovative teaching and advising practices.

Welcome to the UNCG School of Nursing! We would love to speak with you about how you can find your way here and join our family of thousands of Spartan Nurses around the globe.


Learn about the UNCG School of Nursing!

At the UNCG School of Nursing, we are taking giant steps anchored by transformation and focused on:

    • Inclusive Communities
    • Passionate People
    • Innovative Practices
    • Extraordinary Outcomes
The UNCG School of Nursing has G.R.I.T.
G — Good intentions and will
R — Respect
I — Inspire
T — Teamwork