Post-MSN Concentration

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  • A hybrid program (on-campus sessions 4-6 days/semester and online content)
  • Complete your DNP in 5 semesters 
  • Variable DNP project hours based on previous certification and clinical hours
  • Affordable tuition and fees; scholarships available
  • Small classes taught by nationally recognized faculty

The Post-MSN DNP students integrate their Masters’ expertise with core DNP outcomes to achieve skill advancement that positions graduates to meet current and future health care challenges.

NOTE: [Delivery Methods:Campus: All campus classes are face to face at our Union Square Campus. Online: All classes are asynchronous, web based. Hybrid: Classes meet on campus 51% of the time and Online 49% of the time. During orientation or first week of classes; students will meet with their advisors and sign a finalized plan of study that will be filed in the student folder and updated as needed.
NOTE: Typical scheduling for the Post MSN campus classes is to cluster campus time into 3-5 days per semester. Required campus days or additional special dates are scheduled in advance or posted in the registration information for the course.

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Applications are being accepted for Fall 2023.

Plan of Study

Course SemesterCourse Title/Delivery Method/CreditsOn-Campus Time
Year 1
Semester I – Fall

  • NUR 705 – Utilization of Research and Evidence-Based Practice (Online) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 824 – DNP Essentials (Hybrid) [2 cr.]
  • NUR 898A – Applied EBP and Translational Methods Project I (Campus) [1 cr.]

Semester II – Spring

  • NUR 714 – Informatics in Health Care (Online) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 818 – Biostatistics and Epidemiology Principles for Advanced Practice Nurses (Hybrid) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 898B – Applied EBP and Translational Methods Project II (Campus) [1 cr.]
  • NUR 898C – Applied EBP and Translational Methods Project III (Campus) [1 cr.]

Semester III – Summer

  • NUR 819 – Effective Leadership for Practice (Online) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 825 – DNP Essentials (Hybrid) [1 cr.]

Year 2
Semester IV – Fall

  • NUR 827 – DNP Essentials (Hybrid) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 898D – Applied EBP and Translational Methods Project IV (Campus) [1 cr.]

Semester V – Spring

  • NUR 826 – DNP Essentials (Hybrid) [3 cr.]
  • NUR 898E – Applied EBP and Translational Methods Project V (Campus) [2 cr.]

Any Semester **Elective

    • Number and Title:___________________________

3 credit elective is required and may be taken in any semester.

  • Online or Campus

Any Semester

  • NUR 789 -Advanced Practicum* (Variable credit. Can be taken any semester to achieve required DNP Project hours of 1000 or to complete the DNP Project beyond the concentration coursework.

Prospective Student

Post-Master’s DNP

The Post-Master’s DNP is designed to be completed in 5 semesters beginning in the fall semester and ending in the spring of the second year.  The post-master’s DNP requires a minimum of 30credits and 1000 advanced practice hours. The 1000 hours are obtained by combining the clinical hours obtained in the master’s program and DNP project work and experiences. All post-master’s DNP students, regardless of master’s program hours, are required to complete a  minimum of  300 hours of work on the DNP project.*

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Current unrestricted licensure as a registered nurse in one of the fifty states or validated credentials by CGFNS for international Residents of North Carolina must hold unrestricted North Carolina licensure as a registered nurse.
  • Master’s degree in nursing in an advanced practice field: nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthesia, clinical nurse specialist, nursing informatics, or nursing administration/CNL/nursing leadership from a program accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting
  • National certification in the appropriate clinical specialty is required for nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthesia, clinical nurse Recommended for nursing administration/CNL/nursing leadership and nursing informatics.
  • A personal statement of 400 words that comments on applicant’s nursing background and discusses future goals for the specialty and for the DNP degree.
  • A résumé
  • An interview may be required for selected
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required from previous nursing programs or the GRE/MAT examination may be required.
  • Three professional nursing references (mix of educational and professional sources).
  • Nonresidential international students are required to participate in a telephone

*For Post-master’s DNP students with Nursing Administration/Nursing Leadership or CNL degrees; National Certification in your specialty may qualify for hours of credit toward the 1000 program hours required. In the Appendices is information about qualifications for these hours and how to document the accepted National Certifications.