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Post-MSN Concentration (Now Online)



  • Complete your DNP in 4 semesters (15 months for full-time students) 
  • The program is completely online asynchronous (students access course materials on their own time; self-directed independent learning based on one’s own schedule)
  • Affordable tuition and fees; scholarships available
  • Small classes taught by nationally recognized faculty

The Post-MSN DNP students integrate their Masters’ expertise with core DNP outcomes to achieve skill advancement that positions graduates to meet current and future health care challenges.

NOTE: All classes are asynchronous, web-based. However, there are two days students are strongly encouraged to attend on campus – orientation and graduation. During orientation, students will meet with their advisors and sign a finalized plan of study that will be filed in the student folder and updated as needed.

Applications are being accepted.


Plan of Study

Course SemesterCourse Title/Delivery Method/CreditsImmersion Hours
Year 1
Semester I – Fall

  • NUR 824 – Theoretical Foundation for Practice [3 cr.]
  • NUR 705 – Research and Evidence-Based Practice [3 cr.]
  • NUR 818 – Biostatistics and Epidemiology Principles for Advanced Practice Nursing [3 cr.]

Semester II – Spring

  • NUR 620 – Law, Policy, and Economics of Healthcare [3 cr.]
  • NUR 890A – Developing the Scholarly Project [2 cr.]
  • NUR 714 – Informatics in Health Care [3 cr.]

100 Hrs

Semester III – Summer

  • NUR 819 – Effective Leadership for Practice [3 cr.]
  • NUR 826 – Professional Advocacy and Networking in Healthcare [3 cr.]
  • NUR 890B – Implementing the Scholarly Project [2 cr.]

100 Hrs

Year 2
Semester IV – Fall

  • NUR 810 – Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Population Health [3 cr.]
  • NUR 890C – Evaluation, Conclusion and Knowledge Dissemination [2 cr.]

100 Hrs

NOTE: A student needs 1,000 immersion practicum experience hours to graduate with a post-master’s DNP degree. The 1,000 hours are obtained by combing the practicum hours earned in their master’s program with the DNP immersion hours (Scholarly project + immersion hours = 300 DNP hours.)

Prospective Student

The Post-Master’s DNP is designed to be completed in four semesters (15 months for full-time students), beginning in the fall semester and ending in the fall of the following year. The post-master’s DNP requires a minimum of 30 credits (*) and 1,000 advanced practicum hours. The 1,000 hours are obtained by combining the practicum hours obtained in the master’s program with your DNP project work and experiences. All post-master’s DNP students, regardless of master’s program hours, are required to complete a minimum of  300 immersion hours toward the DNP degree.

(*) These credit hours only apply to students who completed ≥ 700 practicum hours in their master’s program.  If not, additional credits and practicum hours will need to be obtained while in the post-master’s DNP program.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Current unrestricted licensure as a registered nurse in one of the fifty states or validated credentials by CGFNS for international Residents of North Carolina must hold unrestricted North Carolina licensure as a registered nurse
  • Master’s degree in nursing in an advanced practice field: nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthesia, clinical nurse specialist, nursing informatics, or nursing administration/CNL/nursing leadership from a program accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting
  • A personal statement of 400 words that comments on applicant’s nursing background and discusses future goals for the specialty and for the DNP degree
  • A resume or CV
  • An interview may be required
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is preferred, but other holistic admission criteria will be considered
  • Three professional nursing references (mix of educational and professional sources)
  • Nonresidential international students are required to participate in a virtual interview

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