CINDY JARRETT-PULLIAM, BSN 1981, MSN 1983, 2007 Distinguished Alumna


Anyone who encounters Cindy knows immediately that she is an exceptional nurse and an exceptional person.  Dorothy Forsythe, a 1983 MSN alumna, says “Cindy is a friend, colleague, futuristic leader, mentor, and advocate for families, women and children.”  Joan Wessman, Chief Nursing Officer for Moses Cone Health System adds, “Cindy consistently works to promote the advancement of evidence-based practice and the support of nursing shared governance.”  And Jo Winchester, BSN 1980, MSN 1990, who nominated Cindy for this year’s prestigious award, offers,

“It has always been a delight to watch Cindy hear about an issue, see it grab her attention and imagination…and then take it on.  The results were always excellent.  My guess is this is true because of the education and values inculcated at the School of Nursing along with her compassion and entrepreneurial nature.  Cindy brings honor to the UNCG School of Nursing in every health care venue in which she works, volunteers and serves.”

Cindy has served the Moses Cone Health System in progressive leadership positions since her graduation from UNCG in 1981.  Currently, she is Director of Nursing for the System where she is responsible for patient care services at The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro.  Nancy Paxton, former Vice President of Nursing with the System summarizes the distinguishing characteristics that define Cindy:

  • High commitment to quality, safe, personal patient care
  • Consistent leadership with peers and those she supervises
  • Extremely well-read, using literature and research findings in every aspect of her practice
  • Risk-taker with new and/or innovative practices
  • Ability to confront issues with different groups
  • Always searches for ways to improve patient care, nursing practice, and the professional work environment
  • Holds staff and self to high standards,
  • Demonstrates an unbelievable work ethic

Cindy’s exceptional character comes from a deep well – she is the devoted daughter of a retired Methodist minister, mother to two active teenage sons, and wife to Larry.  She and her dad find respite from the complexities of daily life in the calm and spiritual practice of bee keeping.  Cindy receives strength from the life-sustaining elements that are important and vital for us all:  family, spirituality, service, and vocational call.  She is a true role-model, and we are proud to recognize her as the 2007 UNCG School of Nursing Distinguished Alumna.