Selected Grants, Research Programs and Publications

Selected Research Programs

Emotional Eating Behavior, Obesity, and Stress Among Young African American Women

Stephanie Pickett

The purpose of this program of research is to examine stress and specific behaviors, knowledge and intention that may result in obesity in African American women.

Nurses’ perceptions of failure to rescue

Cynthia Bacon

The purpose of this study is to examine nurse’s understanding and practices about how failure to rescue occurs for inpatient units.

Frailty in Hospitalized Adults

Deborah Lekan

The purpose of this research is to examine precursors and factors associated with and predictive of frailty in older adults.

UNCG’s Veteran Access Program VAP to Prepare BSN Nurses

Susan Letvak, Jacqueline Debrew, Donald Kautz, Debra Wallace, Thomas McCoy

The purpose of this project was to increase the number of veterans entering the nursing profession.