Selected Research Programs and Scholarship Activities

Focus Groups to Refine Intervention and Determine Cultural and Age Sensitive Tools

Tracy Robin Bartlett

The purpose of this study was to examine selected tools/surveys to be used to determine the efficacy of an intervention study to help vulnerable African American middle school aged girls develop behaviors and skills that will help them self-protect against risky sex behaviors, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases for cultural and age appropriateness.

Parent Experiences of Continuing Pregnancy with Lethal Fetal Diagnosis

Denise Côté-Arsenault and Erin Denney-Koelsch

The purpose of this longitudinal, phenomenological study was to describe parents’ experiences of continuing pregnancy with a known lethal fetal diagnosis (LFD), and to examine the parents’ needs and responses to health care provider interactions across the prenatal, intrapartal, and postnatal periods.

Exploration of Women’s Recognition and Interpretation of ACS Symptoms and Its Influence on Help-Seeking Behavior

Leslie L. Davis

The purpose of the research program is to explore how women with symptoms of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) recognize and interpret symptoms and decide whether to seek treatment or wait.

Emotion Eating Behavior, Obesity, and Stress Among Young African American Women

Stephanie Pickett

The purpose of this program of research is to examine stress and specific behaviors, knowledge and intention that may result in obesity in African American women.

Nurses’ perceptions of failure to rescue

Cynthia Bacon

The purpose of this study is to examine nurse’s understanding and practices about how failure to rescue occurs for inpatient units.

Frailty in Hospitalized Adults

Deborah Lekan

The purpose of the research is to examine precursors and factors associated with and predictive of frailty in older adults.

Expectations and Concerns of Nursing Students Beginning Clinical Courses

Kay Cowen, Lori Hubbard, Debbie Hancock

The purpose of this project is to identify expectations, fears and concerns of BSN students prior to and after clinical experiences.

Osteoarthritis of the Knee in Older Adults

Jeanne Jenkins

The purpose of this research program is to examine expectations, perceived outcomes and the overall experience of patients and the informal caregiving of older adults with osteoarthritis of the knee and total knee replacements.

The Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Project

Beth Barba, Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Thomas McCoy

A statewide project to increase the healthcare workforce prepared to provide quality, culturally competent geriatric care in NC.

A Family-Based Diabetes Intervention for Hispanic Adults in an Emerging Community

Jie Hu, Debra Wallace, Karen Amirehsani & Zulema Silva, Thomas McCoy

The specific aim of this study is to test the efficacy of an intervention for Hispanics with type 2 diabetes and their family members to improve self-management, glycemic control, and family support and health-related quality of life.

Teamwork in Research and Intervention to Alleviate Disparities 2 (TRIAD 2)

Debra C. Wallace

The purpose of the TRIAD 2 Project for health disparities is to increase the prevention and risk avoidance research, training and outreach efforts to eliminate health disparities of African-Americans, Hispanics, rural and low income persons living in central North Carolina.

Health Literacy Among Southern African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos

Debra C. Wallace, Yolanda Hyde, Louise Ivanov, & Christina Hernandez

The study examined African American and Latino/Hispanic client health literacy, communication and trust in interactions with health care professionals.

The Effects of Nurse Presenteeism on Quality of Care and Patient Safety

Susan Letvak, Christopher Ruhm, Sat Gupta

The primary aim was to evaluate the influence of presenteeism on hospital Registered Nurses’ (RNs) quality of patient care.

Testing an Intervention to Prevent Risky Sex Behaviors in African-American Middle School-Aged Girls

Robin Bartlett, Terri Shelton, Susan Calkins, Thomas McCoy

This study will test the feasibility and initial effectiveness of an intervention to prevent risky sex behaviors in AA middle school-aged girls in medically underserved, rural areas by increasing their sexual assertiveness and mother/daughter communication about sexual behavior.

Research synthesis of the state of the science on clinical evaluation in nursing education

Lynne Lewallen and Elizabeth Van Horn

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the mechanisms for evaluating undergraduate nursing student for clinical learning.

UNCG’s Veteran Access Program VAP to Prepare BSN Nurses

Susan Letvak, Jacqueline Debrew, Donald Kautz, Debra Wallace, Thomas McCoy

The purpose of this project is to increase the number of veterans entering the nursing profession.

Mason Partners for Education in Geriatrics Mason PEG Behavioral Health Initiative

Robin Remsburg

The purpose of this project was to train new nurses in best elder care practices for behavioral health.

Health Outcomes and Experiences of Retired Women

Francine Sheppard

The purpose of this study is to explore selected health outcomes in retired women and determine whether a relationship exists between women’s health outcomes and aspects of retirement including status, type and timing.