Instructional & Technology Services

The School of Nursing (SON) provides technical support and training and development for the Faculty, staff and students.

The Instructional Technology Consultant for the SON is Joy Pine-Thomas. She is responsible for assisting the SON faculty and staff with the design, development, assessment, implementation, and evaluation of blended and online teaching practices. Some of the assistance she can provide:

  • Canvas, WebEx, Google Apps and other university approved software support.
  • Provide technology related professional development for faculty and students. [e.g. 20 minute Lunch & Laptop sessions]
  • Provide instruction design services to assist faculty using technology in their courses.
  • Research emerging technologies for professors to use to make their courses more interactive
ID & IT Services Offered
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ID Workshops & Events
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Instructional Strategies
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Tips&Tricks for Course Design
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