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Extron ShareLink Instructions

Faculty and students can use ShareLink to wirelessly share content from their personal mobile (laptop, tablet, phone) devices and share their information to the classroom display screen.

Learning Spaces

Looking for a learning space in the Nursing Instructional Building? Want to use the equipment? Click here.
Instructions for using the Video Conferencing in rooms 510 & 120. Click here.

Using your laptop in room 510

Instructions for using your laptop in room 510. Click here.

Using Audio/Visual in rooms 240/242/275/ & 511

Instructions for using AV in rooms 240, 242,275, & 511. Click here.

Using Audio/Visual in rooms 202 & 204

Instructions for using  AV in rooms 202 & 204. Click here.

Using media - Room 101

Please view this video for using room 101. Click here.