The Eloise R. Lewis Society honors alumni and friends who have made a legacy commitment to the School of Nursing that will help honor our past while shaping our future.

Eloise R. Lewis, our founding dean, brought to life an idea — that UNCG would respond to the state’s critical nurse shortage and pave the way for students to become leaders in a field that greatly needed them. Since our founding, we have graduated more than 7,600 nurses and nurse leaders, developed programs that respond to the needs of our community and of the profession, and conducted research that shines light on important questions and challenges. The Eloise R. Lewis Society honors our founder while giving us the collective opportunity to follow in her footsteps as we chart the next 50 years for the UNCG School of Nursing. In many ways, we are just beginning.

Let us be bold like Eloise Lewis. Let us be committed to our vision and focused on the future. We invite you to join your fellow alumni and friends of the School of Nursing. Become a member of the esteemed Eloise R. Lewis Society, and play a critical part in the future of nursing.


Eloise Lewis valued the opportunity to shape the growth and development of the school, and she understood the importance of each new step forward. After much thoughtful dialogue and planning, we have accomplished several School of Nursing’s most pressing priorities:

  • Launching the new DNP
  • Revising the undergraduate curriculum
  • Enriching all programs with simulation
  • Expanding the RN to BSN program
  • Developing interprofessional education
  • Hiring new faculty to support our initiatives
  • Creating a healthy workplace and healthy nurses

Radical transformation is occurring in the healthcare system. In response, you will see radical transformation of the School of Nursing. With a strong history as our foothold, together we can help write the next 50 years. Your membership in the Lewis Society will help us reach our strategic goals.


Lewis Society members belong to a community that understands the importance of developing exceptional nurse leaders: The first-time undergraduate who has discovered that nursing is his calling. The working nurse who wants to advance herself and her profession. The administrator who has a vision for improving health care overall.

We believe in each individual — those who come to UNCG to be more than what they were before, and those whose lives they touch. The Eloise Lewis Society will make an impact for them all.

Join the community of Eloise R. Lewis Society members by making a current or planned major gift to the UNCG School of Nursing.

Whether directed to support scholarships, faculty development or program funding, your gift will become a proud legacy that will inspire our school and all who come here to make an impact. 


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Eloise R. Lewis

Eloise R. Lewis, 1920-1999

Founding Dean, UNCG School of Nursing

Eloise R. Lewis was recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a leader in nursing education. But it was at UNCG where her greatest achievements took place. A scholar, nursing activist and patient care advocate, Lewis was the perfect leader to serve as the founding dean of the UNCG School of Nursing. She received her BSN from Vanderbilt University, a master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD in education from Duke University. Following an outstanding career as a nursing faculty member at the Women’s Medical College School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Army Nurse Corps, Lewis was instrumental in skillfully guiding the establishment, growth and development of the UNCG School of Nursing. She remained a vital member of the faculty until she retired in 1985.

The Eloise R. Lewis Excellence Professorship and the Eloise R. Lewis Scholarship in Nursing demonstrate her ongoing legacy and commitment to promote excellence in nursing education. Through the Eloise R. Lewis Society, a new legacy begins.