Dissertation Writing Seminar

The School of Nursing Writing Seminars are biweekly 3.5-hour intensive writing experiences for PhD students who are writing to prepare for their proposal defenses, chapters, or manuscript publication.

The seminars are designed to provide a structured environment to support focused writing. The seminars provide an opportunity for students to come together and support each other in the dissertation process. It is an interruption-free, no excuses writing time for PhD students.

Dissertation Writing Seminars are held every 2 weeks on Fridays from about 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Students register for fall, spring, and summers separately.

Writing Seminars are not classes. Each day includes:

  • Pre-writing meeting to set goals for the day (20–30 minutes)
  • Opportunities to get feedback from fellow students
  • A quiet place to write (3 hours)
  • Post-writing meeting to review progress and set goals for intervening weeks


To obtain a registration form please contact:

Terri Felder