Strategic Vision

Dean Robin RemsburgInclusive Communities

  • Integrate holistic admission criteria in all programs¬†
    • Initiate holistic admission in prelicensure BSN program by 2022
  • Increase diversity of faculty, staff and students (%)
    • Increase 3% in diversity over baseline (document baseline) by 2022
  • Expand Program and Concentrations in response to community needs
    • Initiate accelerated 2nd degree BSN program by 2022

Passionate People

  • Recognize students, faculty and staff for excellence
    • Develop and implement guidelines to recognize excellence in students, staff, and faculty by 2022.
  • Promote regional, state and national leadership for students, faculty and staff in professional and community organizations
    • Develop a database to track the regional, state, and national leadership roles of faculty involved in professional and community organizations.
  • Increase/advance service opportunities
    • Collaborate with the Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement to enhance faculty, staff, and student participation in service activities by 2022.
    • Develop a database to track staff, faculty, and student participation in OLCE service activities by 2022.
  • Expand alumni engagement
    • Work with SON Alumni Association to develop an alumni volunteer database (for SON activities) by 2022.
  • Increase faculty and staff recruitment and retention
    • Clearly define and publicize the School of Nursing’s commitment to recruitment and retention of faculty and staff
    • Develop a database to track turnover and vacancy rates for faculty and staff by 2021
    • Outline strategies to retain faculty and staff by 2021

Innovative Practices

  • Expand Interprofessional Education (IPE) across programs
    • Create and conduct a baseline assessment and establish goals for each program by 2021.
    • Implement an IPE in 1-2 programs, e.g. MSN education or administration by 2022
  • Engage in global transcultural learning opportunities
    • Develop 3 study abroad and 3 national global transcultural opportunities for faculty and students by 2022.
  • Adopt best practices and principles for innovative learning experiences, including service-learning
    • At least one prelicensure BSN course will be approved as a service-learning course by 2022.
  • Address health disparities through research and practice partnerships
    • At least 50% of research faculty will be involved in health disparities research
    • Develop at least one new research partnership each year.