UNCGDear Spartan nursing students,

The Coronavirus showed up in North Carolina around three weeks ago. That’s when our world changed. Shortly thereafter, the state, the UNC System, and UNC Greensboro announced major changes in operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You were asked to take precautions with handwashing, coughing, and greeting friends with an elbow bump. Then you were asked to convert to online learning. Many of you were asked to leave and not return to your clinical placements. Then you were asked to move off campus. You were asked to maintain six feet of distance from other people and refrain from gathering in groups of more than 10. And now you’re required to stay home.

Our students, you’re amazing — a bunch of superheroes! The things you’re doing to complete your degree are remarkable. You’re dedicated, determined, and resilient. You chose nursing to make a difference, serve your community, and respond with your best during the worst times for those in need. That’s what nurses do, especially Spartan nurses.

We know this pandemic is stressful, but for students, it can be overwhelming. Social isolation is grueling. Your studies are challenging in different ways. Learning without face-to-face clinicals isn’t easy. More than ever, your wellbeing is extremely important. Make sure you get sleep, exercise, eat a healthy diet, and engage in stress reduction. The key to success is to study hard, keep up with your assignments, and complete your work as usual.

At the same time, it’s important that you maintain a sense of community, even if it’s virtually. Please check on your classmates, friends, family, and neighbors. Offer your support. And most of all, if you need support, reach out to them, as well as your incredible professors and our staff in the UNCG School of Nursing. We are here for you.

None of us knows how long this pandemic will last. We know we can get through these unprecedented times. Remember that you are Spartan nursing students — superheroes! YOU GOT THIS!

Be safe,

Dean Remsburg