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“What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.”

This was some of the best advice given to me while abroad in South Africa. Often people fear the unknown and study abroad can seem like a giant question mark in so many regards. However, so much growth comes through venturing into the seemingly unknown. Without hesitation, I can say that studying abroad was the absolute best thing I have ever done. It changed me in every way, gave me confidence, created so much awareness and newness in my perspective of life, and gave me the utmost joy. There’s no other experience quite as phenomenal as being able to live in a foreign country as a young person, without a job, and in the context of university life. The people I met, the adventures I took, the sights I saw, and the priceless things I learned will forever be a part of me and have changed the way I live as well as my ambitions for the future. Please, consider studying abroad, you won’t regret it!

—Julianna Weiss | Nursing Major | Studied abroad at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Spring 2016

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