UNCG’s School of Nursing and the School of Education’s Department of Specialized Services in Professions in Deafness engaged in a first-ever Deaf patient simulation

Monday April 4th a collaborative effort between UNCG’s School of Nursing and the School of Education’s Department of Specialized Services in Professions in Deafness engaged in a first-ever Deaf patient simulation. The purpose of this simulation was to engage a group of our senior nursing students in caring for a patient when a communication barrier arises. The students had to think on their feet as to how to facilitate effective communication with their Deaf patient. During the simulation, two students from UNCG’s (American Sign Language) ASL interpreting program assisted the nursing students by serving as interpreters in the simulation. The two students were eager to gain experience interpreting in medical settings. Both the nursing and interpreting students worked together to provide education and understanding to the patient in this simulation. Shannon Melton, who volunteered as the Deaf patient, said, “I wanted to do this simulation to bring awareness to future nurses and other medical professionals how to take care of patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. My goal is to make healthcare more accessible and inclusive for all deaf and hard of hearing individuals. My hope is to help reduce any fear or anxiety for nurses when they try to facilitate communication with us.”

Special thanks to:

Susan Hensley-Hannah, Simulation coordinator – School of Nursing

Linda Lamberson, Clinical instructor – School of Nursing

Karen DeNaples, Clinical assistant professor – School of Education