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Applications for the Upper Division Majors:

Students must be formally admitted to the School of Nursing, which is an upper division major. Admission to UNCG does not guarantee admission to the upper division major.Only students who have formal, written acceptance into the School will be permitted to register in advanced nursing courses and complete work for the major. Admission should normally be sought during the sophomore year and applications are available in the School of Nursing or on our website from December 1 until the late January/early February deadline of each year. Transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended must be submitted with the application as these grades are also taken into consideration during the admissions process. Students are notified of the School's decision regarding acceptance in late March or early April. Admission is extremely competitive as the number of applications typically exceeds the number of available spaces each year.

Minimum Criteria for Admission to the upper division major are printed in the UNCG Bulletin. They include:

  1. Overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  2. A grade of "C" (2.0) or better in each of the following courses: BIO 271, 277, 280; HDF 211; PSY 121, CHE 104 and SOC 101 or 202 or ATY 100, NTR 213, PHI 121 or 220, and STA 108
  3. No more than two of the above prerequisite courses may be repeated to earn the minimum grade or better. Prerequisite courses may be repeated only one time.
  4. Current certification as a CNAI is a pre-requisite to NUR 210, and so is required for matriculation into the upper division.
  5. Matriculation into the upper division is contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory evaluation signed by the student's physician of the applicant's physical and emotional health to provide nursing care. Forms will be sent to the applicants during the spring semester and must be completed and on file in the School of Nursing by the following July 1.

Due to the competitive nature of this program, successful applicants typically present much higher credentials for admission. Students may not enroll in nursing courses beyond the foundation level courses without being admitted to the School. Application for admission is possible while students are still completing the prerequisite courses, but unconditional admission cannot be granted until all admission criteria have been successfully completed.


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