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RN to BSN Outreach Cohorts


The RN to BSN Outreach cohorts are offered in collaboration with the Northwest Area Health Education Center (NWAHEC). These are part-time plans off study designed for the working RN wishing to earn the BSN degree. Classes are held at multiple off-campus sites and are taught by UNCG faculty. The cohort sequence is designed so that required nursing course can be completed in five semesters or less. Cohorts also have the advantage that a group of students progress through the sequence of courses together, allowing formation of study and support groups. Students in UNCG's RN-BSN outreach cohorts are "regular UNCG students" and are eligible to take courses at more than one site. Students may take courses at multiple sites in order to complete the program more quickly.

Students are admitted only at the start of each cohort offering, which is every 2 years and is contingent on funding. The next cohorts are planned to begin in August 2014.


Preadmission advising about transfer courses is provided. A tentative/unofficial evaluation of transfer credit will be done once unofficial transcripts and a RN to BSN Prospective Student Record form are received. Students can check transferability of courses to UNCG on the Registrar's Office website: Credit for courses already completed at an accredited community college or senior college is considered on an individual basis at the time of admission to the University. The equivalent of 64 SH is the maximum that can be transferred from two-year institutions.

Applicants may apply online at the Office of Admissions website Admission of qualified applicants for Outreach cohorts is on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the date of admission to the University. To maintain quality and meet student needs, class size is limited to 40. Should the need arise, a waiting list will be created.


A minimum of 122 semester hours (SH) is required to earn the degree. This total is made up of the following:

  • SH earned by ADN/Diploma
  • 30 SH earned by credit by examination
  • 25 SH required nursing courses offered through RN to BSN Outreach cohort
  • SH earned by GEC & elective hours

General Education Core (GEC) requirements and elective hours vary depending on educational background. Second-degree students are exempt from GEC requirements, but must complete the pre-requisite course in Statistics before beginning the nursing courses. For first degree students, statistics must be completed and GEC requirements in GHP (History), GNS (Natural Science), GSB (Social & Behavioral Science), and GRD (Reasoning & Discourse) must be satisfied before beginning the required nursing courses. For most students, some of these requirements, particularly GNS and GSB, will be satisfied by transfer courses. Students in the Outreach cohorts are encouraged to satisfy all GEC requirements before beginning the required nursing courses, because the GEC courses must be completed by the time the final nursing courses, NUR 474, is taken.

Required Nursing Courses - Schedule may vary by site

NUR 210,220,310,320,340,360,380  30 SH
(Credit by Exam earned by completion of Bridge courses)
*NUR 370 Concepts of Prof. Nursing    3 SH
*NUR 371 Nursing Health Assessmt.    3 SH
**NUR 470 Community Health    3 SH
**NUR 472 Nursing Leadership    3 SH
**Required NUR Elective    3 SH
**NUR 471 Nursing Care/Older Adult    3 SH
**NUR 473 Nursing Research    3 SH
**NUR 474 Nursing Practicum    4 SH
Sub-total:  55 SH

*Students must hold an active, unrestricted RN license prior to admission to the required 300-level courses.

**Students must successfully complete NUR 370 and 371, and hold an active, unrestricted RN license in NC or in a state covered by the multi-state Nurse Licensure Compact prior to enrolling in the required 400-level courses.

Students must provide evidence of CPR certification and current immunizations prior to taking NUR 474.


Tuition & Fees: : Schedule of Tuition & Fee Charges at bottom of website (Distance Learning Charges per Credit Hour):

Registration fee of $6 per semester
Books: cost varies.
Additional costs: Posting of University credit by exams, $40*; liability insurance purchased through the School of Nursing Group Policy prior to NUR 474 and end of program diagnostic or assessment tests, $35*.
*These costs, current as of 3/14, are subject to change by the NC General Assembly.

Contact Information

Mrs. Linda Anderson, Program Assistant
Phone 336-334-5265
FAX 336-334-3628

P.O. Box 26170 - Greensboro, NC - 27402-6170 - School of Nursing Main Office: (336) 334-5010

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