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RN to BSN (2+ Program) Degree Information 2014 - 2015

The BSN completion program for RN students has course offerings for both day and evening students. The length of time required to complete the program varies for each individual due to differences in educational backgrounds and the availability of course offerings. Upon admission to the University, RNs must provide the School of Nursing with evidence of graduation from a state board approved nursing program. Students must hold active unrestricted NC RN license before enrolling in the required Nursing courses, and must maintain active, unrestricted licensure when enrolled in all required nursing courses.

UNCG School of Nursing has articulation agreements with some NC Community Colleges. Students who completed associate degree nursing programs at articulated community colleges are called "2+" students and are required to complete a reduced list of General Education Core courses, as shown below.

The degree is made up of: General Education Core Requirements (GEC), GEC Markers, Nursing Cognate Requirements, 30 semester hours (s.h.) of credit earned by Special Examinations for nursing courses, 25 s.h. of required nursing courses, and free electives. The minimum hours required for the degree is 122 s.h of which, 31 s.h. must be completed at UNCG.

I. General Education Core Requirements (GEC) for 2+ RN-BSN Students:

  • GHP (History): One course, Example: WCV 101 (pre-requisite for NUR 370)
  • HFA (Humanities and Fine Arts): Two courses from any of the following categories: GFA (Fine Arts), GLT (Literature), GPR (Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Perspectives), Example: MUS 241
  • GMT (Math): STA 108* (Statistics) Required. Equivalent course elsewhere (ex: MAT 151 or 155 at community college) may fulfill graduate school admissions requirement.

II. Global Perspectives Courses (GL and GN) - Students must complete two Global courses (GL or GN), at least one of which must be GN. These courses may also satisfy other GEC requirements. For example, you may take WCV 101 (Western Civilizations) to meet your GHP requirement (history) and it is also a GL. By doubling up on your general requirements, you can fulfill two requirements with one course!

III. Cognate Courses

  • STA 108* (GMT) (pre-requisite for NUR 370) 3 s.h.

IV. Credit by Examination 30 s.h. (maximum)

  • Credit earned by examination is awarded upon successful completion of NUR 370 and NUR 371 and is equated to
    NUR 210, 220, 310, 320, 340, 360 and 380. Students must pay a fee to have credit for these courses posted to their academic transcripts.

V. Required Nursing Courses

  • NUR 370 (3:3) Concepts of Professional Nursing (WI) 3 s.h.
  • NUR 371 (3:2:3) Health Assessment (Lab) 3 s.h.
  • NUR 470 (3:3) Community Health Nursing 3 s.h.
  • NUR 471 (3:3) Older Adult Nursing 3 s.h.
  • NUR 472 (3:3) Leadership and Management (SI) 3 s.h.
  • NUR 473 (3:3) Research 3 s.h.
  • NUR 474 (4:1:9) Practicum (Clinical) 4 s.h.
  • NUR Elective (3 s.h. minimum) 3 s.h.
  • Total = 25 s.h.

  • Students must also hold active unrestricted NC RN license before enrolling in the required nursing courses (NUR 370, 371, 470, 471, 472, 473, & 474), and must maintain active, unrestricted licensure at all times when enrolled these courses.
  • Students must complete Stat 108, and the GHP history requirement, before beginning NUR 370.
  • NUR 370 and NUR 371 (with grade of C or better) are prerequisites for the following required nursing courses: NUR 470, 471, 472, 473 and 474.
  • NUR 474 has pre/co-requisites of NUR 470, 471, 472 and 473, and any remaining General Education requirements.
  • The School of Nursing offers nursing elective courses from which you may choose: NUR 330, 345, 390, 405, 492, 493 (honors), and 500-level courses for students with advanced standing.

V. FREE ELECTIVES The number of electives required are those sufficient to total the minimum hours (122 s.h.) required for the degree of which, 31 s.h. must be completed at UNCG. Students may choose any undergraduate course as long as they meet the course prerequisites. Students may choose to use elective credits to earn a minor in another field of study or may choose to pursue a double major.

All students admitted to UNCG must complete at least 31 semester hours in residence at UNCG for the degree. All students must also earn a minimum of 122 hours to earn the BSN degree (including both transfer credits and UNCG course work.) Credit earned by special examination may not be used to reduce the minimum residence requirement. Students must complete at least 45 hours at UNCG (not including exam credit) to be considered for graduation with Honors. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information. Students can view their progress toward satisfying degree requirements online through UNCGenie. It is each students' responsibility to check his/her degree evaluation and monitor his/her progress toward satisfying graduation requirements. This is particularly important if you drop or add courses.

UNCG School of Nursing has articulation agreements with some NC Community Colleges. Students who complete the associate degree nursing program at an articulated NC community college (2+ RN-BSNs) begin the RN to BSN completion program at UNCG with a minimum of 30 semester hours. (Graduates of non-articulated Community Colleges follow the plan of study shown at ). Once the student completes NUR 370 and NUR 371 and credit by examination is posted to his/her transcript, the student will have at least 57 semester hours of credit and junior standing. Individuals in these programs are called "2+" students. The courses covered with the 30 hours of transfer credit vary depending on the community college attended. Some of the 30 hours is applied toward the General Education Requirements (GEC), and some are applied toward elective hours, but the breakdown is unique for each community college. If a student has taken college transfer courses in excess of those required to complete the associate degree in nursing, those credits are treated like any college transfer courses. Thus, a student who has completed an associate degree nursing program, and taken additional college transfer courses may be admitted to UNCG with more than 30 semester hours of transfer credit. Students in the "2+" Program are admitted through the UNCG Admissions Office (336-334-5243). That office can advise students about which requirements have been met, and those that need to be completed. The specific nursing requirements that must be completed at UNCG are the same as previously outlined.

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