School of Nursing

The Research Office provides the following services to faculty in the UNCG School of Nursing:

  • pre award grant application and budget development
  • post award grant and budget management
  • liaison between faculty and the Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Contracts and Grants, Associate Provost for Research, and Public and Private Partnerships
  • manuscript review and editing
  • expert consultants
  • assistance with financial and narrative grant reports
  • training for graduate and undergraduate research assistants
  • statistical consultation
  • scientific review of grant proposals (internal and external)
  • research design and methods consultation
  • faculty and research program development in research
  • consultation regarding institutional review board procedures, including human subjects training and data safety monitoring
  • 170+ author guidelines to refereed/scholarly nursing and health journals
  • Applications/guidelines for funding agencies
  • Coordinates activities of the Center for the Health of Vulnerable Populations


  Dr. Debra C. Wallace
  Professor and Associate Dean for Research
  Director, Center for the Health of Vulnerable Populations
  Office: 210 Moore Building
  Telephone: (336) 256-0572
  Fax: (336)334-3628

  Peggy Markham
  Administrative Assistant for the Research Office
  Office: 209 Moore Building
  Telephone: (336) 256-0571
  Fax: (336)334-3628