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Study Abroad: Dominican Republic - Barahona Surgical Team

In the spring of the academic year, senior nursing students, those enrolled in the RN-BSN program, and graduate anesthesia students have the opportunity to participate in an international experience to meet the requirements of their practicum (NUR 440 or NUR 474) or for NUR 674 (clinical practicum). The purpose of this experience is to provide opportunities for students to practice nursing within a different culture in a third world country. This experience includes each student being an active participant in the surgical team providing care to residents of the Dominican Republic and includes, but is not limited to, providing preoperative care, perioperative care, and postoperative care.

Drs. Crane and McNeal, both registered nurses, lead this opportunity.

To prepare for this experience, students will register for 1 hour NUR 495 (Independent Study) or NUR 698 (Independent Study) course during the spring semester. This course will include an introduction to the culture of the Dominican Republic including the political, economic, and health care issues that affect provision of health care. Because of the limited operating room experiences in the undergraduate program, we will focus on operating room procedures and techniques. These sessions will include classes in communication, safety in the OR, instrument identification, pharmacological therapy, and roles and responsibilities of the nurse in the OR (including preoperative and postoperative periods).

The total period of time we will be in the Dominican Republic is 7 days. On the day of arrival, we will prepare each team for their roles. The second day is preparing the operating room. This includes packaging medications with directions in Spanish for each patient to have after surgery, preparing supplies for each case, and preparing each operating suite. A typical clinical day is from 8am till 6pm.

To more fully immerse in the culture, each student will be provided the opportunity to spend a day in a Batey. These are villages are comprised of refugees with great health needs. When visiting a Batey, the student will work with physicians, nurses and pharmacists to provide basic health care.

This year 7 students (2 anesthesia, and 5 generic or RN-BSN students) will comprise the team. Costs are $1500. If interested, complete the application form and submit to

*NOTE - UNCG reserves the right to make changes or cancel this program, or to change costs in cases of circumstances outside of its control.

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Contact for more info:

  Patricia Crane
  Office: 220 Moore Building
  Telephone: (336) 334-4896

  Linda McNeal
  Office: 208 Moore Building
  Telephone: (336) 334-4943