School of Nursing

Faculty/Staff by Name

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Alphabetical order by LAST name

Karen Amireshani, Assistant Professort
Linda Anderson, Program Assistant
MaryK Bannon, Lecturer
Beth Barba, Doctoral Program Director
Robin Bartlett, Professor
T. Michelle Bednar, Lecturer
Ashley Bethel, Lecturer
Veronica Brady, Lecturer

Dale Callicutt, Lecturer
Jeanne Christman, Lecturer
Denyse Coker, Dean's Adminsitrative Secretary
Susan Collins, Clinical Associate Professor
Denise Cote-Arsenault, Professor / Chair / Eloise R. Lewis Excellence Professor
Nancy Courts, Lecturer
Kay Cowen, Clinical Professor
Kristen Curcio, Clinical Assistant Professor
Leslie Davis, Assistant Professor
Jacqueline DeBrew, Clincial Professor
Susan Denman, DNP Program Director
Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Research Associate for GWEP Grant
Britt Flanagan, Lecturer/Academic Advisor
Lillie Granger, Clinical Instructor
Debbie Hancock, Clinical Associate Professor
Susan Hensley Hannah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Janet Hendley, Assistant to Director of Development
Margaret Hewitt, Clinical Assistant Professor
Wendy Hicks, Lecturer
Jie Hu, Professor
Lori Hubbard, Lecturer
Christina Hussami, Project Manager TRIAD2
Yolanda Michelle Hyde, Assistant Professor
Louise Ivanov, Professor
Jeanne Jenkins, Assistant Professor
Blondie Johnson, Business Officer
Wayne Johnson, Program Assistant for the GWEP Grant
Donald Kautz, Director Hickory Outreach / Associate Professor
Laurie Kennedy-Malone, Professor
David Kinsey, Computing Consultant
Eileen Mieras Kohlenberg, Professor
Julie Kordsmeier, Clinical Assistant Professor
Heidi Krowchuk, Director of Graduate Study and Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Linda Lamberson, Clinical Instructor
Jacoba Leiper, Clinical Assistant Professor
Susan Letvak, Professor/Chair
Lynne Lewallen, Professor
Jayne Lutz, Clinical Professor
Loren Macias, Lecturer
Cassey Mapp-Ahmed, Medical and Health Proj. Consultant
Peggy Markham, Administrative Support Specialist
Nancy Maree, Visiting Assistant Professor
Hillary McAlhany, Clinical Instructor
Thomas McCoy, Assistant Professor
MaryK McGinley, Director of Development
Diana McHenry, Clinical Placement Coordinator/Clinical Assistant Professor
Linda McNeal, Clinical Professor
Marquita Morris, Administrative Support Associate
Nida Mullins, Clinical Assistant Professor
Mechelle Mumford, Lecturer
Angela Newman, Clinical Assistant Professor
Melissa Poillot-Micca, Health Educator / CHVP
Imani Randolph, Project Manager / TRIAD2
Connie Rankin, Clinical Assistant Professor
Randolph Rasch, Professor
Robin Remsburg, Dean/Professor
Lauren Reynolds, Lecturer
Michael Rieker, Visiting Assistant Professor
Jennie Rikkola, Assistant to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Jennifer B. Sandoval, Clinical Professor
Pat Scales, Program Assistant for the GWEP Grant
Philip Simpson, Director of Undergraduate Advising
Lesa Smith, Lecturer
Karen Stacherski, Doctoral Program Assistant
Debra Stanford, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jean Taylor, Administrative Support Associate
Anita Tesh, Professor
Elizabeth Van Horn, Associate Professor
Lois VonCannon, Clinical Associate Professor
Debra Wallace, Associate Dean for Research / Professor
Amber Welborn, Lecturer
Jennifer Wilson, Lecturer
Latoya Winslow, Secretary
Brad Wrenn, Graduate Program Assistant
Dawn Wyrick, Faculty Lead Secretary
Diana York, Lecturer